We are experts in the craft of creating the perfect drinking chocolate - a process we call 'Knoopology'. The Knoops concept is based around our carefully curated percentage menu, which offers a wide range of chocolates to suit all tastes - all of our chocolates over 54% are vegan. Our real chocolate flakes selection reflects our percentage menu, and is designed to be used with one of our hand-picked hot chocolate makers, for the unique Knoops experience at home.

Whether created in store or at home, our recipes can be personalised with a choice of dairy or plant-based milks, and the flavours of fruits, herbs or spices. Our drinks menu extends to chocolate milk and milkshakes, and we offer a specially sourced coffee, which creates the basis of our in-store coffee menu and can also be combined with one of our chocolates to create the perfect Knoops mocha.

At our heart is our founder Jens' passion for chocolate and the joy it can bring. The Knoops he started in our original site on England's south coast in 2013 is now being enjoyed in homes across the UK and beyond, as well as through our expanding network of stores. We are at the start of our journey as we continue to develop, finding new, innovative ways to share Knoops with the world.

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“…nowhere is taking hot chocolate as seriously as Knoops.” The Times, November 2020